Monday, August 16, 2010

Pregnancy Post

A few people have asked for a pregnancy update/post- so here it is.

I am 22 weeks pregnant. My due date is Dec. 23rd, and the gender for the baby hasn't been confirmed yet, but at my last ultrasound when I was 20 weeks the dr. guessed a girl because he couldn't see anything, but the baby really wasn't cooperating all that well and the dr. was having a hard time getting a good visual.

We found out I was pregnant a few days after our trip to Texas back in April. We waited to tell anyone until I was 12 weeks- we waited until my first dr. appt which my dr. waits till 10 weeks, but I scheduled the appt for when I was 11 weeks only to go in and find out that I was 12 weeks along. My parents and Drew's parents knew when I was 6 weeks, but everyone was gracious to keep it a secret until our first appt.

When we got to the dr. office and weighed in I was excited to see that I was down 9 lbs. What a great way to start the first appt. I had used websites online to estimate the due date and we were figured Dec. 27th, until the dr. corrected us that it was Dec. 31st. We weren't exactly thrilled with any due date at or around a holiday (this pregnancy wasn't planned, and was a huge surprise) but figured Dec. 31st wouldn't be so bad. Weston was born 2 days late so maybe this baby would have the same results putting it farther from Christmas. During the ultrasound my dr did all the measurements and he concluded that I was actually one week further along than we thought and moved my due date up to Dec. 23rd. I actually teared up for a min. Remembering how chaotic Christmas was for us last year when we moved into our house 3 days before Christmas, and how I just felt overwhelmed and like I threw Christmas together in a couple of days. Now- with a baby due 2 days before Christmas I worried that my kids might not get as great a Christmas as I would like again. (My thoughts and ideas on this have changed- but I am telling you my first initial reaction.)

My first 2 pregnancies were exciting and somewhat planned, both times it was like- "If it happens it happens. And we got pregant right away." Plus both pregnancies were fantastic and I felt great. This time around we had decided to wait, and wanted to start trying around Weston's 2nd birthday, and well to our surprise this baby is coming a couple of weeks before his 2nd birthday. Even when we started telling family and friends I would cry when making our announcement because even with an ultrasound and seeing the reality of what was going on it hadn't sunk in and still wasn't what I wanted.

Don't judge me for having those thoughts. I was feeling hundreds of emotions, excited about the thought of having another member join our family but feeling inadequate of being able to deal with 3 very young kids. Not having this in my plans, and seeing my husband try to be excited and make me feel better. Then came the not feeling well and not eating much for 4 weeks (resulting in the 9 lbs. lost at the first appt.). It wasn't until I was 19 weeks and my sister in law had a baby shower and watching her pull out all of these infant/baby clothes that I started to get excited. Plus at my last appt. to see I am now down a total of 12 lbs. since getting pregnant I have come to terms with everything. We are planning for a baby girl but I am not pulling out all of Autumns old clothes/stuff and shopping for new girl things until Sept. 3rd when the ultrasound can confirm whether it's a girl or a boy. We have had an inkling that it's been a girl for awhile now (but I thought Weston was a girl so I can't go off my gut feeling). We have a name picked out for either gender and are starting to get excited and make plans for our new arrival. Drew can feel the baby kick, my appetite is back (for the most part) and I am starting to feel like myself again. Even though it's Aug. we have already made plans for one last family trip in Nov. as a family of 4, and our Christmas plans have been made.

I am very excited now and can't wait to hold a teeny tiny baby in my arms. I always thought the toddler years were my favorite, but until I had one (and now have 2)  I have come to realize the newborn stage (as exhausting, sleep deprived, and hard as they are) is my favorite favorite stage. Weston was the perfect newborn and so I have high hopes that this baby will be just as easy and fun.

My newborn Autumn:
My newborn Weston:


Heather said...

I am so excited to hear for positive what you are having! You are not alone in not being excited, at first, about being pregnant. Both of my girls were surprise babies and I cried when I found out about both. Brayden was only 4 mo. old when I got pregnant with Savanah and Savanah was only 9 mo. old when I got pregnant with Sierra. So, 3 babies in 2 1/2 yrs. was really hard. But, we manage somehow and then you can't see your family without them. The Lord definately has other plans than we do. I only have 1 hard child, so hopefully this new baby will be as easy and sweet as your little man. Love you & I am excited for you!

Jessica said...

Yay! Reading this actually makes me want to get pregnant too! So excited for you!

Marissa said...

Congrats! Think how cool it would be to have the baby on the 23rd and to come home Christmas Day with a new bundle of Joy! That sounds awesome to me! I would love that. I'm jealous. Good luck and I can't wait to read your baby updates.

alisa said...

I can totally relate April! You are just fine to feel how you did! So normal! You are an amazing mama and this baby number 3 is so lucky to come down here to you and your hubby! Good luck with everything! So glad you are feeling better and can't wait until September 3 for the positive boy or girl!!!! Love you!

Rebel said...

Oh April, How I love you. Your kids (present and future) are so lucky to have you as their momma! Hopefully soon me and Andrew can catch up with ya!... and at least you're not having twins :) But that would be super cool!

Andrew said...

and hey, Dec. 23rd is Joseph Smith's birthday so that's a pretty cool coincidence :)

Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck! we're excited for you.

The Bunzells said...

April, i'm so excited for you as well! Thats been one of my fears lately....that the timing of when we have our first baby won't work out (so far so good though :)). But as my mom has said, the Lord knows us and what we can handle...and in the end, the timing will work out. Hang in there girly!