Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drew is such a fun dad.

Drew has been working alot lately. With the economy the way it is and his company always opening up overtime he figures he better take advantage of it, although we are confident his job is not going anywhere, considering they are one of the few companies still hiring, it's always better safe than sorry. Plus he wanted to buy a new gun, and I didn't feel it appropriate to just go out and spend all this money on something he already has (but according to him, this new gun would mean he would never need another gun again, is 4 the magic number? it is for now...) so we decided it was something he would have to work for, so with the extra money on his paycheck from overtime he bought his gun. He does love it, but still- I don't get it. Guns. Anyways...he is not home a whole lot, but when he is Autumn just clings to him. He really misses his family but saw how easy it was to make extra money, and it has motivated him to work more so that we can have some of the things we want, but not necessarily need and not feel guilty about splurging and also getting his car paid off!
Here are some pictures of the fun he has with Autumn.
He is setting up the chairs to build a fort.

Creepy Rihanna eyes on the tv...Playing with Autumn in the fort.Here they are playing outside. You like Autumns Pebbles hairdo? It's finally long enough to do stuff with!The other night I asked Drew to put Weston to bed, and I am in the kitchen and I hear Weston just babbling and Drew laughing at him. I grabbed the camera and went into our bedroom and Weston was laying on our bed and Drew was kneeling in front of him talking and playing with him. Weston loves his daddy too! Here he is talking to Drew:Oops, I got caught!

Anways! I love Drew, and think he is a great dad. His kids adore him!


Kim B. said...

aawwwwwwww.drewble the dad.

The Martin Family said...

hey would you guys be available for pics this weekend? I have to come down to do some newborn pics on friday.

The Canciennes said...

I finally responed to your comment on myspace. It's been that long since I've logged in to my account!

Robin said...

forts are the best. I loved making them when I was little, but I don't remember my dad ever doing it with me. Autumn is lucky to have such a fun dad. I am with you, i dont get the gun thing either. And I just had to laugh at your comment about him saying that getting this one means he won't have to get another again... guys are all different, yet so similar! It is so fun when babies babble. I think it is the best sound in the world. Thanks for your compliment on my mothering.. it was encouraging. hope you are having a great week!

Cindy Ardis said...

Looks like fun at your house!! I love Autumns Pebble doo!! She's sooooo cute and fuuunnnn. And Weston, can't wait to hang around that little guy.