Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter from Grandma

The Easter Bunny was fairly cheap this year, okay REALLY cheap this year. The Easter Bunny spoiled Autumn last year, and afterwards we realized that she didn't recognize that day from any other, and until she was in school or Primary where Easter is emphasized more and a topic of conversation we weren't going to do much. (I mean honestly, in Nursery Autumn is not going to be asked what she got for Easter from her peers) So! We let Grandma's package that she sent for the kids cover their Easter gifts...they got plenty from her. There was no need for us to bother getting them anything else.
Here are our Easter pictures for now. Thanks Grandma for the gifts, Autumn and Weston love their snacks, clothes, and toys.
Autumn pulling everything out...

Westons bunny...Autumn checking out her snacks...she ate Westons too.Autumn loves her Easter Little People...very thoughtful...thanks Mom!!And the reason she is looking away from me is because she was watching Lady and the Tramp when the package was delivered. She loves the "puppies."

I had planned to take pictures of the kids in their Easter garb after church, but Autumn was a punk and we left church early and Weston fell asleep on the way I will put them back in their Easter clothes in a couple of Sundays and take pictures of them then. For now- this is the only picture I took before church, it's from my cell phone...he looked so handsome and got lots of compliments at church!


Rebel said...

I love your kids... I swear, if you and christy did not leave here I would never come back! Love you guys!

Christy said...

Well Stac, hopefully we won't be here for long.

Weston's Easter outfit is adorable. Too cute.

alisa said...

Gotta love those grandmas!!! Love Weston's outfit! Too cute!

Cindy Ardis said...

I'm glad Autumn had fun with the package. I'm glad you took pictures. It's always fun to get presents in the mail. I use to send stuff to Bryan's kids, it was nice to be around them this year and see their faces as they showed me their easter bunny stuff. I got them some sand toys for easter and stuff to decorate eggs, it wasn't much, but they love the beach at the lake and we love going with them. I can't wait to hug little weston, these grandma arms are just aching.