Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 2 Favorite Outfits

No- it wasn't their Easter outfits...even though they were dang cute!
But here are the two outfits that each of my kids have worn so far. I waited for 3 months to put them on Weston and they were a little snug, but he still looked great!
First: The above photo is funny because it's the only one I have of Autumn in the beanie...and she is not smiling. Very unusual for her as a baby. This is the shirt and beanie I got when I was born. Compliments of the hospital I was born at.
Second:My sister bought this Braves outfit from Build A Bear. Autumn was so skinny it fit her perfectly.
Weston is long and bigger than she was- so lets just say it fit him "differently."

Anyways- love my kids and the Braves...


Rebel said...

WOW! SO SO CUTE! I started BUSTING OUT LAUGHING when I saw the picture of WESTON in the BRaves outfit. SO HILARIOUS!!! Andrew was in the other room and Yelled over my laughing "WHAT is going ON IN THERE?!?!?"

alisa said...

Ha Ha! I am still laughing over Weston in the braves outfit! Hilarious!!! Thanks for making my day! Your kids are FANTASTIC!

Cindy Ardis said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Weston in that Braves outfit really made me laugh. Even though I'm sick as a dog, It is hilarious thanks for sharing. I wish I had a picture of you in that t-shirt from the hospital. Love the easter outfits