Monday, April 6, 2009 my Mom

I get tagged on other peoples blogs and ignore it...but I can't ignore my mom. I am to list 10 of my favorite things that start with D. I think I know why...

1. Drew-boo (as my dad would call him) is the best husband and father.
2. Daughter- Autumn is a sweet heart and makes me smile! Love her.
3. Dogs- I really want a chocolate or yellow lab.
4. Doughnuts- I wish Krispy Kreme was closer...maybe it's a good thing it's a 1/2 hour away.
5. Dancing with the Stars- Big fan of Shawn Johnson and Melissa.
6. Dirty South- (I am proud of myself for this one!) I miss the south and love visiting it, wish Drew could move us there.
7. Diamonds- are a girls best friend.
8. Dallas- I have family there and can't wait to go visit in May. Hopefully Drew will love it too and insist we move immediately. :)
9. DaVince Code- Love the book and movie.
10. Deck The Halls- I love Christmas songs, and Christmas...and the fact that we are spending it in TX this year!!

I won't tag anyone!

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Cindy Ardis said...

Good Job. I just randomly picked letters, I glad you thought of drew. I had a hard time towards the end coming up with k words. I'm glad you put Dallas. I hope Drew falls in love with it too.