Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Blog...and Pictures of the kids.

I started a new blog... My mom and I talk almost everyday and now she has gotten to where when she answers the phone she says, "How much did you save?!" So I set this up so I can quit calling her all the time. You can visit it HERE too if you want. If you have questions, want tips, need advice, whatever; leave comments there and I can help. I want to keep this blog dedicated to my family, and use it more as a journal, than a record of my spendings. :)
I took some pictures of the kids last night. Autumn and Weston were being really sweet. I am getting the kids pictures done tomorrow to mark that Autumn is 2 years old, and Weston is 3 months old. I am so excited and can't wait. I bought them 2 new outfits each today. I hope my kids cooperate and we get some cute pictures, because they will be wearing some darn cute clothes!
Here they have the same expression on their face:
Autumn loves her brother.So cute! They are looking at each other


Rebel said...

I LOVE your KIDS! & I LOVE how many picture syou take of them. You are so lucky April :) I guess your not "lucky" it's just destined. Two very cute people created adorable children! love ya!!!

Luke and Marissa said...

I totally need to get back into my couponing! I was soooo good at it for sooooo long and then, I stopped. I only stopped because I wasn't able to access multiple coupons anymore. I'll have to go to your new blog to see how you have been doing it.
Tell Drew, Luke says, "Hello."